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Reception Photos! Finally!

29 Nov

Here is the last installment of wedding photos from our amazing Key West wedding from this past summer. These photos can’t even begin to capture the amazing time we had celebrating with our friends and family. Almost eighty of our loved ones travelled over 1000 miles to be with us on our big day and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Now here is the PARTY!!

I hope you enjoyed the photos!! A big thank you to our amazing photographers from JHunter Photography, Hannah and John!!

xo Kay

More Wedding Photos…

22 Nov

I am back with more amazing wedding photos to share! Today will be our ceremony photos and some of our formal pictures from after the ceremony with M and I. Our ceremony took place at Fort Zachary State Beach in Key West, and our guests arrived in style by Trolley. Here are few of my favorites from our ocean side ceremony!

Walking down the aisle with my father

My bridal party

Saying our vows!
Officially a preppyhouseWIFE!
One of my absolute favorites
Love the photos in the palm trees

This is all the photos for today! I will try to post some reception photos tomorrow but with Thanksgiving preparations it might be next week! Hope you have enjoyed the preppy wedding photos so far!

xo Kay


Preppy Wedding Photos!

25 Oct

These are LONG overdue, almost 4 months overdue actually! There are way too many to share at once so today I will post the pictures of us getting ready for the big day! Our wedding took place in amazing Key West Florida at the one and only Ocean Key Resort and Spa, it was the most perfect location!

Our rings and custom wedding map!

Monogrammed Jack Rodgers from my Groom!

PreppyHouseWife all dolled up!Relaxing in the tub before the ceremony!

PreppyHouseWife and the bridal party and flowergirls!

M and his groomsmen!

 It was such an amazing day and it really was perfection. Ceremony picture’s will be posted tomorrow!


PreppyHouseWife is a Wife!!

4 Aug

I have been very MIA lately but things have been busy, M and I are officially married!!! We had an amazing week in Key West and had a completely gorgeous wedding. I will bombard this blog with pictures when we get our professional photographs back, but for now just a few preppy samples of our big day!

When we woke up the morning of the wedding M and I got a nice breakfast and exchanged gifts before we went our separate ways. Apparently someone has been reading my blog because he gifted my with an adorable Lilly Pulitzer clutch as well as these amazing monogrammed Jack Rodger sandals with my brand new monogram. Home run for the first gift from my Hubby, he sure has set the bar high!

My Monogrammed Jack Rodgers!

The getting ready went crazy with 100% adorable-ness when my three flower girls showed up in all their beautiful Lilly “Gone Fishin’” glory. I was loving their dresses and flowered headbands! Here is PreppyHouseWife with my little ladies!

Flower Girls!

Our ceremony was beautiful and amazing, walking down the sandy aisle to the tune of steel drums to the love of my life was a perfect moment that I will cherish forever.  Here is one of us exchanging our vows!

Our Beautiful Beach Ceremony

Our reception was phenomenal and such a great party. The food was amazing, everyone was dancing, however it was a very hot night so once the party ended M and I decided to cool off and take a quick dip….wedding dress and all!

Taking the plunge!

That’s all for tonight, updates on the new Fall Lilly line, professional pictures, and some new yummy recipes are coming soon!

 xo Kay

PreppyHouseWife gets Showered…Twice!!

30 May

In the past three weeks I have had my two fabulous bridal showers! They were both beautiful and amazing. I am so excited to share these picture’s with you!

My first shower had a Lilly theme thrown by my maid of honor…so perfect! The favors were the Lilly animal crackers, the plates and napkins were Lilly, and the cupcakes were Lilly inspired!!


 A close up of my fabulous cupcakes!


This is my favorite picture of the day, myself (second from right) and my sisters!! The two on the left are preggo and I can’t wait for my nieces and/or nephews!

PreppyHouseWife and sisters!

The second shower was thrown by my future mother-in-law and I have very few pictures. I wore a fabulous Lilly maxi dress and here are a few pictures of me opening some of my fabulous gifts!!

Opening up my new hammock!


PreppyHouseWife with a bow on top!

Overall both of my bridal showers were perfect, beautiful, preppy(!), and amazing. 40 more days until PreppyHouseWife is a WIFE!! Hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day!

xo Kay

I have been working on the wedding…

12 May

So I have been slacking on my posts. I thought I would update you all on what fabulous items we have completed and purchased lately for our Destination Wedding in Key West!!

First we have completed M’s outfit! Everything from head to toe is brand new! From his Armani aviators down to his Ola’Kai Sandals! His pants and top are from Tommy Bahama and the Groomsmen and our Fathers will match his outfit. Now doesn’t he look handsome:

M in his Wedding Outfit!


I also had my first of two bridal showers. All I have to say is Lilly Theme. Love it. My sister and mom had all Lilly paper goods and also had custom Lilly inspired cupcakes made. I was beyond excited. My mom is going to forward me photos but she is dragging her heels. SO I have pictures of two of my fabulous gifts! First we have a Lilly Pulitzer terry cloth outfit that my sister embellished with “bride” rhinestones. I love it. It will be a little warm for getting ready in, but is definitely being worn on the airplane. Do we hear a first class upgrade for the PreppyHouseWife? I also got this fabulous Kate Spade cake cutting set that say “Mr. and Mrs.”. So cute!

Lilly Pulitzer "bride" Hoodie!


Kate Spade Cake Cutters!

I will post pictures of me in my fabulous outfit and also the great Lilly decor when the PreppyMom gets me those photos!
In unrelated news M and I looked fabulous in our easter outfits. Just sharing:)

Easter Outfits!

Until next time!
xo Kay

Please allow me to introduce myself!

13 Apr

My name is Kay and off the bat I have one (tiny!) confession to make as I introduce myself, I am not yet a housewife. Actually for the next 87 days I am not even a wife! One thing I am, however, is a prep and almost housewife. My Fiance M and I live in suburban Connecticut as I plan our preppy destination wedding in Key West. I will admit that most of my fabulous preppy finds will be wedding related for the next three months. I promise it won’t be forever and I will move on, I need something to get myself over the inevitable post wedding blues!

My favorite things in life (other than M obviously!) are Lilly Pulitzer dresses, flip flops, and decorating our home as a beach house even though we live on a river and not a beach. It pains me everyday that we live on a river and not on a beach, and I will probably mention this often. For this I apologize in advance, but this preppy (almost!) house wife is seriously pining for a re-location closer to the shore!

That’s all the intro time I have for today, but rest assured I will return with some fabulous preppy finds shortly.

xo Kay


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